March 27, 2017

"Please do as many stones on my suit as possible, I want to place well".  In my own professional opinion, this is a big misconception.  The number of stones on your suit should never affect your placing.  Things like color and cut will have a stronger impact on your placing if they don’t compliment your physique.  If you have two suits with the same cut and fabric and one has minimal stones and the other with 4000 stones I'd be willing to wager your placing will not be any different.  Now you are probably very shocked...

March 15, 2017

Whether you are renting a suit or looking to rent yours here are some tips to equip you in making the best decision for you

March 3, 2017

Earlier this week I read there are more than 18,000 athletes from 80 nations competing in 70 sports and events.   If you have never been to Ohio for the ASF there are no words to paint a picture for the 1,000+ booths and over 200,000 attendees that wander the streets of Ohio.    For many competitors in my industry the Arnold Sports festival #ASF is the proverbial "kick off" for the competitive season with the Olympia being more of the season ending Superbowl.    However you want to look at it the season is officially o...

March 3, 2017

I would venture to say that writing is not one of my stronger attributes or passions.  I love to create new designs with an open canvas where I am not restrained by rules like grammar, punctuation, and spelling :)  However after searching for options to talk with clients and allow them to share their journeys I'm left hoping a blog will work.  

Yes we have social media options but like so many others I just want to share my passion and avoid the trending clouds of hate, anger, negativity that have infected man...

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