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  • Monthly installments on the same calendar day every month for the consecutive months following your initial payment. Shorter months like February the installment will be due on the last day of the month when your reoccurring date is not available (i.e. February 30th or April 31st)

  • Monthly payment at minimum must be $100 or more

  • Promo open 12/02 through 12/31 12:00pm PST  or until all spots have been taken

  • Credits,  referrals credits, & suit sales can not be combined with payment plan promotion

  • Orders will have a  "scheduled shipping date" two weeks prior to show date

  • A request to change show date after ordering  will be subject to work queue availability  at the time of request

  • Failure to reconcile missed payments within 5 days of scheduled payment will disqualify order from the promotional 20% off

  • All cancellations will result in a credit on file, a refund will not be offered for any situation 

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