• Couple ways of doing this design.  Scroll through the pictures for ideas.  

    ° 1st suit: Black fabric with vibrant ombre of light green to purply blue stones. Black fabric showing through the design $1300.

    ° 2nd suit: Silver fabric with turquoise, blue, pink ombre with silver fabric showing $1300.

    ° 3rd Suit: Teal fabric with light pink to dark purple ombre and turqiouse ab stones over the fabric so fabric doesn't show. $1400

    ° 4th Suit: BLack fabric with ombre of pink stones to purple stones at the end. $1300

    ☆rhinestones on the straps included or you can upgrade to connectors and clear backstraps optional.

    $1300 or $1400 + connectors



    TMarie Suits