Bikini Suit:

Bright royal blue with 2 different blue stone colors. Clear connectors one he rock, broach and hips


  • Top C+ sliding (Best on larger implants 400-800cc)
  • Bottoms 34-38” glutes
  • 30% glute coverage


Custom New Price $900

Premade Price $630

Rental Price $210 + shipping 


RENTED 05/31 - 06/19 (BC)




All Custom TM suits come with:

 * Double linning top and bottoms

 * 1 set of thick removable breast pads

 * Pocket in the top for more padding 

 * Rhinestone TM hooks

 * Special elastic on the hips to keep the hip straps high

 * Garanteed real Swarovski stones


$900 Regular Price
$210Sale Price