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  • Main Photo: 2000 Swarovski Stones $800

    • Dark navy blue hologram with 2 row outline top and bottom and large clear swirl design accented with green and fancy AB stones.


    2nd Photo: 100 Pearls 2200 Swarovski Stones $950

    • Dark fuschia hologram fabric with AB outline top and bottom and design in AB stones, accent pearls and background stones.


    * All our suits are custom made, no price difference for changing the color of stones, or fabric.  


    Rhinestones on the fabric straps are always included in our pricing or the option to upgrade to connectors anywhere is available.


    All Custom TM suits come with:

     * Double linning top and bottoms

     * Pocket in the top for padding

     * One set of thick breast pads

     * Rhinestone TM hooks

     * Special elastic on the hips to keep the hip straps high

     * Free alterations for 30 days


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