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TMarie Rental Suits Bikini Figure Physique


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  • All suits are offered on first come first serve basis. We are obligated to fulfill all rentals before a suit can be mailed.  A rental reservation does not guarantee a purchase option will be available as the option to buy all a premade suits is open until full payment is received. 

  • Full rental price is required with rental form submission to complete reservation.

  • Rentals are scheduled to ship out on Monday (12 days) prior to your show date to allow for time to swap out suits in the case the suit does not fit.  They are due back on or before the Saturday after your show. 

  • Rental suits cannot be mailed out for fittings.   The suits are often mailed out for last minute request and need to be available to accommodate such requests. 

  • To keep these suits new looking we request they only are used on the competition stage they are not intended for posing practices.

  • The Rental is for one show.  If you would like to keep the suit for an additional show an extension fee is required.  Extensions are 50% of the normal rental price.   Each extension adds up to 3 weeks to the  rental period.  Multiple extensions may be required if shows are more than 3 weeks apart.

  • If you wish to purchase rental, 100% of the rental fees are applied to the purchase price of the suit.  Payment is required ON OR BEFORE the due date and subject to availability.  

  • There is a $25/day late fee for suits not received by the due date.   Please note it’s a “due date” not a “ship by” date. This is to ensure its back in time for potential shipment to another competitor for their show.  PO BOX 264, Argyle TX 76226

Still have questions?  Send us an email and we will be glad to help


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