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Yea its "another blog"

I would venture to say that writing is not one of my stronger attributes or passions. I love to create new designs with an open canvas where I am not restrained by rules like grammar, punctuation, and spelling :) However after searching for options to talk with clients and allow them to share their journeys I'm left hoping a blog will work.

Yes we have social media options but like so many others I just want to share my passion and avoid the trending clouds of hate, anger, negativity that have infected many of those options. So here we go! I hope to publish blogs to cover things like national shows and tips on suit designs NOT politics and personal/morale debates that end up with nothing but frustration, anger, and confusion. I'm just looking to embrace my passion and "hopefully" find a few others looking to do the same.

If you have idea for a blog please email me and let me know! Ill do the best for as long as I can with the assumption this endeavor continues to move in a positive direction.

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