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The rhinestones and many of the fabrics used, specifically holograms, are delicate and will  show signs of wear much faster than those used with store bought bikinis.  Washing your suits following the care tips below will help prolong the lifespan of your suit.    The more precautions you take to preserve the suit the longer it will last. 


  • Get in the shower with the suit on right after the show and rinse off excess tan  

  • Rinse with water repeatedly until water from the suit is clear

  • Hang suit in shower to air dry until you can proceed with hand  washing your suit

  • Wash by hand in a sink of cold water using a mild detergent like Dreft or Woolite

  • Gently hand wash your suit in shallow cold water and again rinse water runs clear with no signs of soap and tan

  • If necessary lightly brush "inside" of the suit with a toothbrush to remove glue and stubborn tanning stains that have settled into the suit liner.  

  • Do not scrub or brush the outside of the suit especially on hologram fabrics

  • Hang to dry over a sink or bathtub to prevent any dripping onto floor or counters


  • Always wash ASAP and don't let the tan set/dry any longer than possible 

  • Refrain from packing up a wet suit to prevent mold and odor from developing

  • Use double tape vs spray glues.  Tape comes off easily and doesn't leave sticky residue

  • We use and recommend double sided carpet tape which can be purchased at Walmart and various hardware stores  

  • Do not soak your suit!  Extensive soaking promotes fabric dyes to run and fade

  • Hologram fabrics will turn silver if exposed to harsh washing/scrubbing.  

  • Sprays like Pam and baby oil are often used for glaze but but highly discouraged due to the potential damage to your suit

  • Do not dry clean your suit. The chemicals used break down the glue leaving your suit permanently damaged  beyond repair 

  • Save your suit for the stage by practicing your posing in an old suit or bikini

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